Administers nasal oxygen, Nebulized medication treatments, Hyper inflation therapy examples; Acapella, Thera-Pep, etc., ECGs, to patients as prescribed by physician.

Note: For Respiratory Therapy student techs only; who have completed the theory & clinical module in P&PD and/or non-invasive ventilation such as BIPAP/CPAP successfully in school and have established SJMHS RC competency. Will establish and maintain applicable Respiratory Care competency.



Education: High school diploma or equivalent. Successful completion of either 1) first year of accredited RT program in good standing or 2) paramedic or EMT program.

Experience: 6 months of RT experience preferred.

Certification/Licensure: BCLS



1. Interpersonal skills necessary to effectively communicate with patients and personnel when explaining treatment procedures and with physicians and other departmental personnel when gathering and exchanging patient-related information.

2. Analytical skills as necessary to observe and evaluate patients during treatments, and to notify appropriate personnel in cases of patient distress and/or status changes.

3. Ability to concentrate and pay close attention to detail for approximately 100% of work time when reading and interpreting physicians orders, monitoring equipment, and recording data in patient charts.



1. Behaves in accordance with the Mission, Vision and Values of Saint Joseph Mercy Health System.

2. Uses “AIDET” principles when interfacing/treating every patient throughout the organization. (Acknowledge, Introduce, Duration, Explanation, Thank You).

3. Where appropriate, with each patient interaction, uses the concept of “Managing Up” �€“ a form of communication that positions information, a person, or team in a positive manner.

4. Provides a consistent experience to patients, families, visitors and internal customers by using “Key Words at Key Times.” Specifically, uses key words to help patients to understand what is happening with their care, help internal customers understand their service better, and build relationships.

5. Obtains required medications according to prescription.

6. Treats patient in accordance with NMT policy # 9.3, monitors patients response to therapy and record in the electronic medical record.

7. Performs suctioning procedures as needed.

8. Performs non-invasive measurement of oxygen saturation levels via pulse oximetry. Documents in patients electronic medical record. Notifies appropriate personnel of results i.e., Respiratory Therapist, Nurse.

9. Serves as member of the Code Blue Team, receives direction from Charge Therapist during code i.e., chest compressions, etc.

10. Maintains good rapport and cooperative relationships. Approaches conflict in a constructive manner. Helps to identify problems, offer solutions, and participates in their resolution.

11. Maintains the confidentiality of information acquired pertaining to patient, physicians, employees, and visitors to Saint Joseph Mercy Health System. Discusses patient and hospital information only among appropriate personnel in appropriately private places per HIPPA guidelines.

12. Assumes responsibility for performance of job duties in the safest possible manner, to assure personal safety and that of coworkers, and to report all preventable hazards and unsafe practices immediately to management.

13. Provides quality patient care by considering the age specific, development and cultural needs through competent clinical practice. Demonstrates unit/area competencies.


Performs other duties as assigned.

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