How many positions can I post?  As many as you’d like!  We have different size packages depending on your need.  Please see our pricing page for specifics

Can I really change my post during the 30-day period?  Yes!  Each post can be changed, edited or otherwise altered during that 30-day period.  You’ve essentially secured a spot on the board, how you use it is up to you!

We have several posts that we keep up al the time to keep our pipeline full.  How can we best use this board?  Sign up for the Bronze or Silver plan allowing you to have monthly recurring posts.  Depending on how many locations or positions you have, you can choose between Bronze or Silver.  See our Pricing page for specifics

Will you proactively send me candidates?  No.  We don’t rely on AI to send you candidates who may not be interested in your position.  We don’t want to waste your time.  Only candidates who have seen your post can apply.

Will candidates come to me through your system?  Yes. Employer email addresses are hidden to cut down on unwanted emails, however when a candidate applies for your position you will receive an email from Get Hired Locally. If you registered and did not receive a welcome email check your spam folder and add Get Hired Locally as an allowed email so you don’t miss out on candidate applications.

Can I pay to have my position bumped to the top?  No, positions are sorted by date, so refreshing your post during the 30-day period will bump the position back to the top.  Positions are categorized so your post won’t get lost among others in the same field.

We rarely have job openings, do you have an option for just one post?  Yes, our 1 – 30 day post program will post your position for 30 days, and then expire.  When you’re ready to hire again, simply log in and post your new position.

Can candidates search all the jobs in my company?  Yes.  There’s a feature for candidates to click on your company name to find all the openings in your company.  There is also an alphabetical list for them to search through and find your company.

What if our HQ is outside of Michigan?  You are welcome to post any position that is in Michigan on this job board.  It is marketed directly toward Michigan residents specifically.

Where is your HQ? We are out of Farmington Hills, MI.  Our marketing and advertising dollars go back into the community and help support other small businesses. 

How can I track the ROI for posting on this job board?  The goal is to have one centralized place for jobs available in Michigan.  Some candidates will want to apply directly through your website, through the links provided, by reaching out through LinkedIn, or any other means to reach you.  This job board is an avenue to help drive candidate traffic to your positions.  It’s not a modified Applicant Tracking System where we collect data.  It’s just a tool.

Are you going to try to upsell me once I post a job?  No, but we may recommend a more economical package to better suit your needs.

Is there a pay per click option?  No, our job posting package prices are posted on our pricing pages. There are no hidden or additional costs down the road.  It’s an economic way to attract qualified candidates.

Do I have access to applicants after my job listing expires?  Yes, you will continue to have access to the applicants who applied through Get Hired Locally as long as the candidate has an active account.